Hold On Soldier

Fear is a terrible building to stand in It rips you apart and takes pieces of you It has monsters in the closets And traps in the hall It empties all the joy from your face It makes you stagger beneath its weight You feel like falling to the floor And being pulled wherever it leads  But fear has no name It has … Continue reading Hold On Soldier

Renewing Hope: Chapter 4

This is overdue, but certainly not too late! 😉 Here is Chapter 4 of Renewing Hope. Feel free to share your thoughts! Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com Chapter 4      Friday morning, I trudged down the stairs rubbing my eyes open. I tightened the belt of the thin robe wrapped around my waist. My feet … Continue reading Renewing Hope: Chapter 4


Hi everyone, I apologize for my silence. Life has been busy. But despite the busyness, God's love and faithfulness conquers all. God's hand is more prominent than the scrambling back and forth. My prayer for you today: That you can see God moving. May you be uplifted by this poem, friend. May it bring to … Continue reading Flying