Hi everyone, I apologize for my silence. Life has been busy. But despite the busyness, God's love and faithfulness conquers all. God's hand is more prominent than the scrambling back and forth. My prayer for you today: That you can see God moving. May you be uplifted by this poem, friend. May it bring to … Continue reading Flying

The Unknown

We walk into the unknown Aware that you, Jesus, Are already there Your gaze and footsteps Are familiar with this journey It's a well worn path to you You know it full well Give us the wisdom To see you each moment Maybe walls seem to surround us On all sides Trapped Is how we … Continue reading The Unknown

We Trust You

Take moments and extend them on and on, till we accomplish what we came here to do Slow down the clock's hands, till everything moves at a snail’s pace Show us how to move and the right timing Dictate our steps Close and open doors Make it rain or make sunshine warm our faces You’re … Continue reading We Trust You