Our Prayer For California

My heart musters this same prayer, from four months ago. Oh Lord, you're in control.   Lord, My heart is broken with the knowledge of the extreme devastation, people are enduring. Right now, I pray against the fire... Let your water's pour forth from the sky. Blow in a storm without thunder or lightning, just endless, … Continue reading Our Prayer For California


The Gifts In My Hands

God challenged me last Saturday. For most of the day I had attended a conference called Empower. It was a great conference, very impactful! It covered some hard realities in the world. At home, during the evening, I was practicing flute- nothing out of the ordinary. But God posed a question, based off what I … Continue reading The Gifts In My Hands

Liebster Award!

Hello!  I've been awarded the Liebster Award!! {Three times actually *coughs guilty*} By Anna at https://astorynerdslife.wordpress.com/, Molly at https://asparkleoflight.wordpress.com/, and Laura at  https://beautifulthings18.wixsite.com/laura Thank you all for nominating me!  Tag rules: Thank the blog that nominated you for the award. *check* Answer the questions they gave you. Give 11 fun facts about yourself. Nominate 11 other bloggers … Continue reading Liebster Award!


   I'm thankful for... Those crazy moments, where I can't stop laughing. Those hard moments, where all I can manage is a nod. Those joyful moments, where I'm SO reminded of God's goodness. Those disciplinary moments, where I'm overwhelmed by my weakness.   Those peaceful moments, where my heart feels this unexplainable contentedness.  And those anxious moments, … Continue reading Thankful