Fear Has No Place Here

Show me, Lord
How to react
In faith, not fear
In peace, rather than worry

I don’t want to be
That girl
Who cowers in the shadows


A temple we visited in Japan. We climbed SO many stairs to reach this view!


AND it was raining and green and beautiful. 

I’m not her!

Mr. Fear
Has been stalking me
For far too long
I’m tired of his lies
His schemes
And manipulations

I’m exhausted
Of the hours spent
And feeling small

I’m worn out
From the days
Tears coat my cheeks |
At the thought of facing
A new grown-up challenge

Mr. Fear
You have NO power
Over me

I reject you

I reject the lies
You say about me
The nightmares
You play over and over again
In my head

You have stolen
My value
My joy
My purpose
My confidence
AND strength

But no more
I’m breaking these chains
That have held me captive
For years


In Japan, you would eat on low tables and sit on the floor. We did use chopsticks too, although it is not shown in this picture! 

This woman
Refuses to serve you

Jesus Christ
Is my King
Fear has no place here

-Amanda Joy

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