Hi everyone,

I apologize for my silence. Life has been busy.

But despite the busyness, God’s love and faithfulness conquers all. God’s hand is more prominent than the scrambling back and forth.

My prayer for you today: That you can see God moving.

May you be uplifted by this poem, friend. May it bring to mind all the moments you have seen God at work. He never left you.

My heart is full today
Full of all the moments this past year has brought
I can’t tell you
How much it’s changed me…

Seeing prosperity and poverty

Standing in an orphanage
With children whose laughter
Could light up the dark

Walking for miles
With loving friends

Hearing so many stories
And learning to love the sound of other languages

Praying over areas
That seemed completely shattered
By evil

Realizing flaws
Within myself

Daring to believe
In impossible things

Seeing God as my Father

Thank you, Jesus
For changing lives
And showing your children
What it’s like
To fly

Amanda Joy