Jesus is Perfect

Today may seem way beyond your definition of perfect.

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Today, your plans may look A LOT different than last year. You may be by yourself in a huge house, stuck in a hospital room or sitting at the kitchen table, contemplating how you got to this place.

Friends, God is still so near! In the darkest moments, He is here. And His ways and His timing is perfect.

When Jesus, God’s only son, chose to hang on a cross and die, He did it for you.

AND trust me, it was hard for Jesus to think that nails through His hands and feet, was perfect. Jesus had to have faith and trust in God!

Did you know that Jesus overcame death for you too?

Jesus had been buried in a tomb for three days. Then on the third day…behold it was empty!

Jesus died a death He did not deserve. He died for sins He did not commit. He was innocent!

Our sins put Jesus there on the cross.

But praise God, Jesus could not be defeated by death! And because of this, we get the chance to spend eternity with a holy God– our creator and Father! If you admit that you are a sinner in need of Jesus and you accept Him into your heart, He will make you as white as snow. You will become clean and pure and righteous because of Jesus’s blood, shed for you.

Celebrate Jesus today! Even when the perfect you wanted, seems way beyond your reach.

Jesus knows how you feel. Come to Him and pour out your heart. He will weep and laugh with you.

He only wants you to come and step into His waiting arms.

Seek Him with all your heart,

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Amanda Joy

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