Hold On Soldier

Fear is a terrible building to stand in 
It rips you apart and takes pieces of you 
It has monsters in the closets 
And traps in the hall 
It empties all the joy from your face 
It makes you stagger beneath its weight 
You feel like falling to the floor 
And being pulled wherever it leads 

But fear has no name 
It has no God-given authority 
So put on your armor against its schemes 
And stand 
As Jesus stands behind you, beside you, and before you

Even when you accept defeat 
He won’t 
Even when you think 
It’s all over 
He keeps fighting the battle 
He refuses to retreat 

He will lift you up 
When you are bruised 
And battered 
Stroke your head 
And whisper,
“Hold on Soldier”




I am your strength 
When you cannot stand 

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