November 2nd…

I remember this day, November 2nd. It was hot and wonderful. I stood on a ladder painting for hours. Laughter, gentle words, music, and teasing filled my ears. Sweat dripped down my back from the Cambodian sun and at some point, I abandoned my flip flops. Someone painted my leg (it was black paint!) and … Continue reading November 2nd…

For His Sake

The beauty stole her breath Realizing God’s majesty And grace Made her want to fall On her knees His able hands Had scars And His gaze Held the world In their depths What a generous God She served He let go of His well-being So that She could have A chance Although she was a … Continue reading For His Sake


It was dark. There upon a cross,  You hung. Tears and blood poured down your face. Nails pierced your hands and feet.  Why? Why Jesus? Why did you do this for me?  The thought of that day  makes me want to shudder and hide.  I want to cower, yet shout for the pounding of those … Continue reading Grace

Send ME

  Then I heard the voice of the Lord asking: Who should I send? Who will go for us? I said: Here I am. Send me. -Isaiah 6:7-8 (CSB)  The girl held a small hand in hers. Her companion skipped, the little girl’s blonde curls bouncing along. The church’s carpet was smooth and worn. Their … Continue reading Send ME


Hi, there! My apologies that I didn't post yesterday, but here I am today. And it's a brand-new day! 😊  Let's dive right in... Hiking boots. They signify a journey. You wear hiking boots on an adventure. You can trek through mud, valleys, storms, sunshine, and flowers. Maybe you aren't going on a hike each … Continue reading Journeys