Who’s Writing Your Story?

We are all writers.  Everyday we are creating memories to store away for safekeeping.  All of us tell a story.  Our footprints are the words being scribbled down and the passing of years, chapters coming to a close and new ones beginning.  But I have a question for you. Who is the author of your … Continue reading Who’s Writing Your Story?


I love it when winter slowly transforms into spring. I love feeling the sun's rays, instead of the winds coldness. I like how the flowers peek out beneath their slumbering beds. I like seeing deer come out and eat sprouting plants. I like spring. Wouldn't it be weird if one day God decided to skip … Continue reading Springtime

The Leap

Today I took a huge leap But I didn't fall The invisible Presence That I know so well Steadied my hand Gently squeezing it Reminding me that He was near And encouraging me To climb the steep mountain ahead I started climbing His voice whispering in my ear To keep going I fell on my … Continue reading The Leap