Hi everyone, I apologize for my silence. Life has been busy. But despite the busyness, God's love and faithfulness conquers all. God's hand is more prominent than the scrambling back and forth. My prayer for you today: That you can see God moving. May you be uplifted by this poem, friend. May it bring to … Continue reading Flying

Renewing Hope: Chapter 1

Has your world ever felt like it has turned completely upside down? Hope Atwood can relate. Join me and continue reading her journey in Chapter 1, of Renewing Hope! [If you haven't read the prologue, hop on over to the Renewing Hope story page. ;)] This story is for all the overcomers. God holds your hand, … Continue reading Renewing Hope: Chapter 1

Your Song

How many lives Could I change With a single word? How many Would turn to you If I'd only pointed  In the right direction? Oh Lord,  Show me How to sing Of you Guide me In the rhythm Of Your Song