Renewing Hope: Chapter 3

Good morning! Here is Chapter 3 of Renewing Hope! May the Lord fill you with peace today and may you know, you don't have to strive. Just. Rest. Chapter 3      A few days later, I stood before a classroom door at Lincoln Community college. I took a deep breath and knocked on the classroom door. … Continue reading Renewing Hope: Chapter 3

Renewing Hope: Part 2 of Chapter 2

Everyone has dreams, whether they voice them or not. The question is, do you have the courage to pursue them? Or do you see them as unachievable? God plants dreams in your heart for a reason and purpose! Trust that He will make a way or He will shift that dream until it is in … Continue reading Renewing Hope: Part 2 of Chapter 2

We Trust You

Take moments and extend them on and on, till we accomplish what we came here to do Slow down the clock's hands, till everything moves at a snail’s pace Show us how to move and the right timing Dictate our steps Close and open doors Make it rain or make sunshine warm our faces You’re … Continue reading We Trust You