It’s Easy to Forget

Journal Entry: July 2nd, 2019 Lord, I hadn't realized how much you loved me. I didn't know your wonder or awe as you (three in one) created Adam. I forgot how broken your heart becomes at the sight of sin; long ago you caused a flood to overwhelm the Earth because you regretted making man. … Continue reading It’s Easy to Forget

Never too Far Gone

To Him I'm never too far gone Though I fall Time and time again He gives me His GRACE Everyday, my sin piles up And He still offers me His forgiving hand Mind you, The bruises of my mistakes Are evident on my skin And they hurt But God never said Sin was without consequence … Continue reading Never too Far Gone


It was dark. There upon a cross,  You hung. Tears and blood poured down your face. Nails pierced your hands and feet.  Why? Why Jesus? Why did you do this for me?  The thought of that day  makes me want to shudder and hide.  I want to cower, yet shout for the pounding of those … Continue reading Grace

Send ME

  Then I heard the voice of the Lord asking: Who should I send? Who will go for us? I said: Here I am. Send me. -Isaiah 6:7-8 (CSB)  The girl held a small hand in hers. Her companion skipped, the little girl’s blonde curls bouncing along. The church’s carpet was smooth and worn. Their … Continue reading Send ME