Wet Shoes

I sat in a room full of children with some of my YWAM team. We were all watching video game clips. The room remained silent- most gazes glued to the TV screen. The visit wasn't going as expected. We had counted on being welcomed by the manager of the orphanage and then playing games with … Continue reading Wet Shoes

My Work In Progress

Hi, everyone! Today I want to share something special with you. In the summer of 2017, God placed a story on my heart.  Up until recently, I still had this nagging feeling of it being silly or foolish to attempt to write a short novel. Even now, I still have a hard time explaining my … Continue reading My Work In Progress


   I'm thankful for... Those crazy moments, where I can't stop laughing. Those hard moments, where all I can manage is a nod. Those joyful moments, where I'm SO reminded of God's goodness. Those disciplinary moments, where I'm overwhelmed by my weakness.   Those peaceful moments, where my heart feels this unexplainable contentedness.  And those anxious moments, … Continue reading Thankful