We Trust You

Take moments and extend them on and on, till we accomplish what we came here to do

Slow down the clock’s hands, till everything moves at a snail’s pace

Show us how to move and the right timing

Dictate our steps

Close and open doors

Make it rain or make sunshine warm our faces

You’re in control, Father. Have your way

Make the winds howl or gently touch us, with the breeze of relief

Take a flower and make it bloom or leave it there–just a bud until the perfect time comes

As we age, Father, make us wiser In your ways and in how you choose to act

Help us not be surprised when your plans are different than ours

Give us the courage to rejoice and be glad in the things we don’t understand

Belief Is when we lift our hands In praise, letting the want to understand slip from our hands and die on our lips

Maybe the waves are coming to consume us. Or maybe It’s time to dance in the meadows. Here we are, Father, our hands and feet ready to move when you speak

Guide us and don’t let go


-Amanda Joy