It’s Easy to Forget

Journal Entry: July 2nd, 2019


I hadn’t realized how much you loved me.

I didn’t know your wonder or awe as you (three in one) created Adam. I forgot how broken your heart becomes at the sight of sin; long ago you caused a flood to overwhelm the Earth because you regretted making man.

I forgot that…

  • You do feel sadness.
  • I am made in your image and likeness, so we resemble one another. I am like you and you are like me.
  • You hate sin, so I should too.
  • I could offend you like in any other relationship.
  • Judgement is not mine to give, but yours, and I should always ask what YOU think of people.

Lord, I don’t love you, near as much as I should. But I’m here now. Open hands, open heart. I’m ready to begin living for who you are and not for what you have done for me. My steps may be small as I tread forward, but I’m ready and willing! I want to know you as you know me!

Friend, may this prayer sink into your heart and bring you into a place of remembering who God is!

Amanda Joy

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