Wet Shoes

I sat in a room full of children with some of my YWAM team.

We were all watching video game clips. The room remained silent- most gazes glued to the TV screen.

The visit wasn’t going as expected. We had counted on being welcomed by the manager of the orphanage and then playing games with the children and giving them school supplies.

My thoughts ran in circles, “Why are we here if we aren’t doing anything? What’s the point?”


Then God gave me a nudge. I started praying for the young girl beside me.
She had long brown hair. Her small hand rested in mine. More smiles than words were exchanged between us. Maybe I didn’t know her name or her story, but God did. He knew her every need and desire and experience. Who was I to question His plan?

My heart rose. “Jesus,” I prayed, “If this is all you want me to do here- pray for this girl-it’s enough. It’s worth it!” Peace descended upon me. “This is where I’m meant to be.”

Those thoughts of surrender and thankfulness, turned my whole perspective around! And in the end, we did play games with the children. We even lovingly watched as they lined up, and one by one, accepted their new school supplies. Maybe the beginning of our visit was different than we had hoped, but God’s timing is flawless.

While we were there too, it had poured rain. I mean poured! After we said our goodbyes, I went for my shoes– left outside. They were FULL of water! I laughed and exclaimed “my shoes!”. Then my helmet- can you guess?- was soaked with water on the inside. (Note- don’t hang your helmet on the handlebars, just set it on top. Then your head won’t get soaked after it rains!😂) Flipping the helmet over and then slowly putting it on my head, the moisture coated my hair and yes, a little cringe shown on my face.

The moto ride back to our base was starlit, muddy, and glorious! I braced my soggy shoes against the foot rests, and my soul gave thanks.

His plans for this day had been different than mine.

His were so much more beautiful!


Amanda Joy

2 thoughts on “Wet Shoes

  1. Love this simple yet sweet and encouraging story. Thank you for sharing! It’s so easy to forget that He has a purpose in everything. ❤️ thank you for this sweet reminder!

    Liked by 1 person

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