To The One Who Is Hurting

When the heartache falls like snow
Refuse to doubt God’s goodness

Maybe the frigid coldness bites your cheek
But the scars, dear soul, will fade


I’m not saying the painful twist of your heart
Will completely vanish, like dust
But it will ease

And I pray
There will be less sad tears
And more joyful smiles

I don’t understand how you feel
And I never said I did

But here’s a shoulder to laugh or cry on
A set of hands to hold yours

Don’t close yourself off

Let loving hearts surround you
And brush the ashes off your clothes

We’re here for you
If you’d only look

And His tears mingle with your own right now

He grieves with you

Look up at Him
He never once let go of your hand 
Through this tough journey

Stare at the sunrise
Even when darkness threatens to consume you

Let His love light shine
Into your hurt and pain

Take a deep breath of His presence

You’re NOT alone

Amanda Joy

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