Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus, I bet you remember that day you were born—maybe? You were a baby then…Maybe now you just look back at it and see what Mary and Joseph did and felt.

No matter. You were born and that is HUGE. That day, more like in spring, you stepped into our lives and even then, began to turn the world upside-down.

I wonder if the Earth secretly trembled? I wonder if the birds sang a little louder and higher? I wonder if the planets shone brighter? Maybe the atmosphere above the Earth painted the sky with color? Maybe nothing changed. And there wasn’t anything particularly magical or spectacular in nature, except that star leading the way.

Maybe Mary and Joseph, couldn’t find anything good or beautiful in that moment. The stench of animals, hay, and manure were too overpowering. And the sound of your cries, so loud.

But for me, Jesus…thinking of you, makes my life beautiful and gives it meaning. Without you, nothing would be meaningful. So thank you, my Friend and King!!!

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