Time For Everything

Hi everyone!

Yes, I am still here. I’ve just been busy with schoolwork and other activities. God has been teaching me a LOT of hard/good things in these past weeks. My pen is just itching to write about all He’s been teaching me! (Not only to share with and encourage you, but also help me process everything).

For today, I’ll leave you with a poem, but be on the lookout for more posts!

How does God
Have time for everything?

accessory beautiful blossom clock

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

He controls the wind and the sea
He makes the sun radiate warmth
And He pursues
Every single
Human being

He brings light
To the darkness
And justice
To the wounded

He lifts up
The afflicted heart
Bringing healing
Where there had only been

He tells the flowers
Which way to blow
And notices
When a petal falls

He commands Angels
And manages to speak
To those in Heaven
And on Earth

God, you control time
So, I suppose
That’s why
You have time
For everything

Keep on living for Him!
-Amanda Joy

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