It was dark.
There upon a cross, 
You hung.

Tears and blood
poured down your face.
Nails pierced your hands and feet. 

water rain wet drops

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Why Jesus?
Why did you do this for me? 

The thought of that day 
makes me want to shudder and hide. 
I want to cower,
yet shout
for the pounding of those nails
to stop. 

Jesus, what did it feel like?

Did you faint with pain?
Did you scream?
Did loneliness enclose your heart? 

I wish I could have helped you. 

I deserved such pain,
not you. 

Thank you for dying
for me.
Your gift of grace overwhelms my heart
and brings tears to my eyes.
I’m so glad I get to spend an eternity with you,
since I’ve accepted you into my heart.

wood light vacation picnic

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oh Jesus, 
I wish I could have helped you
and lessened the pain. 

The Angels must have felt the same. 

And God the Father…
His hands must have covered His face.

Amanda Joy


9 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Very beautiful! He didn’t have to die for us, for we are still sinners. But, He loved us enough to do so for He wanted us to be free from the bondage of sin. Free to start a relationship with Him and to just run to Him. He gave us a grace that nobody can give, but Him. 💕

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