Making Some Changes

Hello, there!

Maybe you’ve noticed that my blog looks different. 

A couple days ago, God impressed upon my heart that my blog needed some changes. So, I wanted to give it a fresh look, update the pages, and create a blogging schedule. God wants me to be consistent and I want to encourage you in your walk with Christ!

The scheduled posting days are going to be Mondays and Thursdays. (Lord willing, of course! But He’s the one who encouraged me in this.) The main posts will be little devotionals and stuff God’s been teaching me. ❤️

On Monday I will elaborate why I picked that new header image and verse for my blog. Are you excited? I know I am!

Until Monday,
Amanda Joy

P.S The “About Me” page has been updated. Feel free to check it out! 


27 thoughts on “Making Some Changes

  1. A website. Just time in I do believe you have to do some sort of account setting, but it didn’t cost anything for my sister or me. 🙂 All you have to do is have pictures you want to use and can upload to Canva. You can even make your own ebook covers! Most of the options are free, but some do cost money. 🙂

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  2. Yah, can’t wait to read the posts! You’re always really encouraging ❤

    I love the verse you have on the front page! God really spoke to me through it a while back.

    Also, I just read your testimony and wow❤ I felt like crying. It was very moving 💕


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    • Awe, thank you Sarah! I’m merely the vessel and He’s The Encourager. 😊

      Me too! If I may ask, how did God speak to you through that verse? I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

      Mm, thank you Sarah. I’m amazed at how God can take utterly broken things and turn it into something so beautiful that it just leaves you breathless. And it’s so mind blowing that we can encourage others in our brokenness too! Isn’t the Lord amazing?! I hope it encouraged you. ❤


      • This is going to be a long rely….

        I became a christain when I was very young. Only 4. As I grew up I was “trained” in the “right” christain way. I read my Bible every day, I prayed, etc.

        I was a real christain, who was strong in her faith, but about one year ago I noticed that something was missing. I wasn’t giving God everything – 100% of me. Being “good”, even “better” than other christains (from a human perspective, of course) was not enough. God wanted my everything.

        During that time I wrote something like this in my diary: “I know what God is telling me. I know what he wants. But I’m scared. Because if I give everything some things will have to change. My life will change.”

        Then, one Sunday during the church service, I suddenly very strongly felt Him calling me. The next song the congregation stood up to sing was called “Jesus, ich will gehen, sende mich.” In English: “Jesus, I want to go, send me.” At that moment I knew that I couldn’t sing this song without truly meaning it and giving Him my all.

        Later I found Isaiah 6:8, which really mirrores that part of my story. It is also, in a way, God confirming what had happened.

        Did my life change?, you may ask. Yes, it did. It wasn’t a “struck by lightning moment”, it was gradual. But now, when I look back, I can see how different I am now.

        Choosing to give God 100% is not a choice I made once and then I never struggled again with it. No, it’s a choice I have to make every day. That song with Isaiah 6:8 in it was the first time I said it.

        “Jesus, be my #1.I want to give you my all.”

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      • Sarah, what a story! Wow. God is so proud of you for making that choice every day. He looks upon you with such a loving smile. God bless you, girl! And may He guide you in this journey, especially in those stormy/ difficult areas. Your story really encouraged me today! Thank you so much for sharing.❤️ God has such amazing plans for you.


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