The Undeniable Footprints

He turned a corner.
Dead end.

The black and white maze seemed enormous.
How would he ever escape its clutches?
There were so many twists and turns.
Which path would lead to freedom?

It was a prison of roads, leading every direction.
Too many directions.

As the man retraced his footsteps, his heavy footfalls ceased.
Sobs threatened to spill from his lips as his bewildered gaze encompassed three, colorless paths.

One pointed straight.
One shifted to the left.
And the other dangerously gestured back to the direction he had come.

His knees weakened.
He’d been trapped in this dungeon of circles for so long.
His shoes were worn, his clothes practically rags, and his heart empty.

He did not want to live this life anymore.
This life of wickedness.

The man crumpled to the ground and wept.

“Lord,” His voice croaked.
“I don’t want to rot in this place.
No, I don’t want to exist in this maze of sin,
although entered freely, years ago.
Please make me a new man.
Show we your ways once again.
I am nothing, Lord; I know that now.
Only you can fill my lifeless heart
and lead me upon wonderous paths.
Please…please forgive my sin.”

Other than the anguish of the man’s heart,
silence filled the space.

Then, a whistle here.
And another piped up from there.

Could that be birdsong?
That pure, holy sound hadn’t fallen upon his ears in ages.

The man’s head rose.
Dirt coated his whole face.
His gray eyes appeared different from before.
And they saw something different too.

The ground was covered in rich soil.
“Oh, what a revelation!” One might mock.
But no, no!
This was healthy soil, where green things sprouted;
before it was only toxic dust that had stained everything.

Splashes of color blinded his gaze
as cheerful flowers were suddenly everywhere…
and even roses…

The black walls which had surrounded him,
were now green hedges.
Greyness remained mixed within the hedges pure color,
but it was only temptations pull, not inky sin. 

The birdsong seemed to be coming from the last road.
The road facing the way he had come.

Reluctance to tread there,
almost ebbed in his new mind.
Yet, something caught his attention.

Impressions were already made there–
The Undeniable Footprints.

His tears watered the ground.

“Thank you, my God.
I will walk where you walk.”

His confident strides started down that path,
then broke into a joyful run.

No reassurance existed of the journey being easy,
yet this was The Lord’s way.

So, he would follow.


pink flower field

Photo by Pixabay on

Amanda Joy

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