A Forever Journey

His shadow loomed behind me.

I inhaled an excited breath
and beheld His face.

Words cannot adequately express
what I saw.

His countenance shone like the sun,
it glowed like a star in deepest darkness.

No space could confine His being.

Trillions of names,
were etched on His hands.
Scars shown there too.

His eyes couldn’t be dubbed
as a certain color.
They flickered, darkened, and brightened,
all at once.
They shown with knowledge,
neither young nor old.
And something overflowed from their depths…
Radiant, unobtainable, never-ending,

A love without bounds or conditions.
One that reached beyond human understanding.
One that could crush, if we were to fully understand it’s enormity.

My Savior stood right before me,
and I could not utter a word.

A smile befell his His lips.
He outstretched His right hand,
a hand blemished for me.

Moisture gathered in my eyes.

My hand was engulfed by His enormous one
and we began a forever journey.

A journey
of climbing the mountains,
trudging through the rain,
smiling at the meadows,
and gasping at the mountain peaks.



Amanda Joy



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