My Work In Progress

Hi, everyone!

Today I want to share something special with you. In the summer of 2017, God placed a story on my heart. 

Up until recently, I still had this nagging feeling of it being silly or foolish to attempt to write a short novel. Even now, I still have a hard time explaining my story without almost feeling embarrassment. But none of that is from God. Any anxiety or nervousness I have, is from the enemy. He loves to invent lies and make our passions and goals seem worthless. So, here I am! Ready to share. 🙂 

Our (mine and God’s), Novella is called Renewing Hope!! Beautiful title, right? My sister is amazing, she named it. 😊

Here is a short really unofficial back cover blurb, and some pictures to give hints about the story!

Reconciliation…Forgiveness…Finding your dreams…

Hope Atwood has been running for five years. Ever since her dad left, bitterness has grown in her heart— towards life and God. 

But when her dad suddenly steps back into her life, will she muster the strength to forgive? 

Add a charming young man whose lost his dreams, a quirky cat, a loving mother, and a passionate art teacher, and discover how God can redeem a broken story.


There it is! What do you think? Would you want to read this story? Please comment below. 

My goal, Lord willing, is to have this ready for publication in March!!! So, please keep me accountable. (I’ll need it!)

And you can always be praying for me to write God’s words and not my own. I can’t wait to see how He will use this story. It’s not even my own anymore, but His. 😊

Amanda Joy




15 thoughts on “My Work In Progress

  1. Oh, gosh, this sounds amazing! 😀 I’ll definitely be interested in reading it (and if you need it, I offer developmental edit services and such at Reveries Co.!)

    GOD HAS GOT YOU! Don’t give up and if you ever need to brainstorm or get some prayer, hit me up. ♥

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    • Hi, Laura. 😀 Thank you! I’m still struggling to get the words to flow and sound right on the back cover, but getting closer. Yes, the cat! Isn’t the picture cute? It describes the cat’s character in the story. 😂 I’m looking forward to it too!! I just have to keep working…Yes, I’m hoping to do a blog tour! Although I’ll have to research how it exactly works. 🙂 Do you think you will publish “Echos of Honor”?


  2. Amanda I’m so excited for you and your writing. I will definitely read it!!! Funny about the cat… today I mailed something to you and I had not read your post. It must be the grandma and God connection!!! You were on my mind today.

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  3. So looking forward to the finished product! Awesome job persevering Amanda, this is so exciting and inspiring! Love the pics and cover blurb. Nice job. Keep pushing! Support and prayers from here always!

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    • I’m not caught up on my reading for Echoes of Honor yet, but from what I’ve read I think it would be fun to publish. 😀 Another novel?! May I ask what it is about, or is it a surprise? I’m glad you had a major break through, how exciting!


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