Your Legacy

The seconds tick by
There is no reliving them
No do-overs
I reach for that word
Uttered a minute before
But it flies out of my grasp…

It’s precious
It’s sacred
It doesn’t freeze

One is creating–
A new sentence
In their story
A majestic picture
For the art gallery
A song
For the album
A thread
In the tapestry
An ingredient
To the recipe

Each day
We live our lives
God is writing down our legacy
For its His story to tell
In the first place

What kind of legacy are you Leaving behind?

Can you hardly muster the Strength
To lift your pen
Due to regret?
Are you glancing backwards
Shamed by the past?
Stop there
Child of, God!
Dwelling on your mistakes
Will only steal your strength
Making any possible Legacy
Blurry and distorted

Look forward
Shoulders straight
Eyes ahead
And your hand in His

No matter your past
God can redeem your future
Out of our weakness
Comes His strength
There is no mountain He cannot Move
No burden He can’t carry
No sin He can’t forgive

Glancing backwards isn’t allowed!
So, direct your gaze forward
What an amazing Legacy
He will create through you!
And the Lord’s pen never falters

landscape photography of snow pathway between trees during winter

Photo by Simon Matzinger on


Amanda Joy




12 thoughts on “Your Legacy

  1. Amanda Joy this is awesome you have such a talent and beautiful way of describing Gods love for us!!! Such a mature outlook! I’m so Thankful for you and your love of Jesus. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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