Your Story Matters

There is a certain conversation in a book called “Once Upon a Winter’s Heart” by Melody Carlson, that encourages me every time. 

In this scene, one of the main characters, Lane, is talking about Emma’s desire to write books and be an author. But Emma thinks it’s hopeless. She looks at all of the books piled on the shelves and practically proclaims it useless, to write another. (Have similar thoughts run through you mind?) 

However, Lane (sweet Lane), says, he’s glad other authors don’t see their writing as hopeless. For what would have happened if other writers, thought as she? All kinds of great and impactful stories, never would have been printed or cherished! Lane was very wise. 😉 

Thus, dear dreamer, writer, wordsmith, storyteller…

Your Story Matters. 

So, take up your pen, and have the courage to write it!

And God created us, so by writing our stories, we are imitating Him. 

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What’s the latest writing project or venture, God has placed on your heart? I’d love hear about it!


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