Your Eyes

Let us be thankful for the one who cared so much, that He let His son die on the cross for our sins.  Look into His Eyes, dear reader, and let your heart swell with awe, gratitude, and wonderment…

Father, I wonder…
What color are you eyes?

Are they as blue
As the sea?

Do they resemble
The shadow of autumn
Or the fields of green?

Are they ever-changing
Like the wind in the trees
Ever blowing soft
Then loud
And peacefully carefree?

Do your eyes imitate the tree’s bark
Ever brown and deep
Dark and luminous

Glittering with golden flecks
On certain days?

When your anger stirs
Are they grey and sapphire
Like waves raging
On the sea?

When sorrow
Overcomes you, Father
Do they shift between many colors
For the countless individuals
You are contemplating?

And when jubilant laughter
Springs forth
From your lips
Do they gleam like raindrops
On a flower?
Are they golden
Streaked with purple
And as warm as the sun’s rays?

Oh Father,
I can’t wait
To behold your eyes
No doubt
I will faint
At my first sight
(And many times after)

Created all eyes
How beautiful
How magnificent
How utterly penetrating
Your eyes
Must be

I hope your day is full of laughter, sweet glances, food, and fellowship.
Happy Thanksgiving! 

autumn backlit dawn environment

Photo by Vali S. on

Amanda Joy

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