Our Prayer For California

My heart musters this same prayer, from four months ago. Oh Lord, you’re in control.  


My heart is broken with the knowledge of the extreme devastation, people are enduring.

Right now, I pray against the fire…

Let your water’s pour forth from the sky. Blow in a storm without thunder or lightning, just endless, pure water. Shake the sky, Lord. Silence the smoke. Engulf the raging flames with your Presence. YOU are greater than the fire. 

Protect those who have plunged into the heat. Keep them away from harm. And let their confidence come from the knowledge that ‘you have them’. 

Let your hand rest upon the homes. You are a shield, Lord. Your hands are SO big. Surround those homes and buildings with your being and hinder the flames from coming close. It even says this in Zechariah 2:5b; “And I myself will be a wall of fire around it, ‘declares the Lord,'”. (NIV) So, You yourself are a Wall of Fire. BE our Wall of Fire, Lord! 

Comfort those who have been sent from their homes and forced to another place. Give them “your peace”. Let it settle upon them, and push away any doubts or anxieties. Give them strength Lord and please surround them with loved ones. I can’t imagine how they feel.

And I lift to you, those who have loved ones fighting the battle or traveling away from their homes. Please give them strength to be a solid pillar of support, love, and prayer. Place your words into their hearts and hold them tight. 

Lord, you are in control.

I know you’ve got this, and you’ve got us. Thank you for letting us come to you in prayer. In Jesus name I pray,

macro photography of white daisy flowers

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

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