God Moments

Have you ever had a God Moment?   

A feeling of knowing this circumstance, this instance, this word, this action, has been from God?

That moment when something you couldn’t comprehend or imagine, becomes a reality. That moment when your friend says something, and it was exactly what you needed to hear. That moment when a Scripture verse leaps off the page or the perfect song plays on the radio.  

Have you ever had those moments?

I encourage you to look for these God Moments. Be open to seeing God at work in your daily life.  

I bought a new journal for this purpose: to record God Moments– things people have said that have impacted me, God’s clear intervening, God speaking to me…



Can you tell I like turquoise? 

God Moments don’t have to be crazy amazing, over the top instances.  They can be little moments, evident to you, but not quite so visible to the normal onlooker. And in my opinion, there is no scale for God Moments! No rating from 1 to 10.

My second entry in this journal was about God’s intervening hand in my writing! God is SO good. I found a book in 2013, a book called Interrupted. This is one of my all time favorite books! Then in 2017, I discovered the author of Interrupted, Rachel Coker, did writing coaching and she only had one open spot left during that semester! I was blessed to have her as a writing coaching for a little over a year. This past summer, God moved again, connecting me with a beautiful author friend. She went to Bible College with my Grandma and spent many years on the mission field in Africa. A hero of the faith! She’s editing my current novella. I’m so thankful!  

God Moments are everywhere! BE on the lookout. You don’t want to miss them.

Amanda Joy


4 thoughts on “God Moments

  1. It is so awesome how God has worked those things out for you! Yes, I have had God moments, too, and I love the idea of recording them! It is a great idea to share them with other people like you just did, too, so they can be encouraged and praise the Lord with you. I like that last line: “God Moments are everywhere! BE on the lookout. You don’t want to miss them.” Amen!
    I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the Liebster Award. I saw that Anna and Pearl also tagged you for an award, so if you can’t do mine that’s fine, but I hope you can participate! Here is my post regarding the Liebster Award: https://dropintheoceanm.blogspot.com/2018/10/liebster-award.html
    Thank you again for sharing what God has done for you!
    ~Julia from NN


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