Sometimes it feels like life is a whirlwind. You keep spinning and spinning, until you can barely scid to a stop- you can hardly catch your breath. But we shouldn’t be spinning in the first place…

God has been telling me SO many things in the past four weeks. I feel like a different person because of how God has been molding and challenging my thinking. I feel overflowing with the many revelations and relizations, I’ve been experiencing. 

One thought, one seemingly crazy thought, has been singing in my brain–sometimes we just have to set aside the homework, and fellowship with one another.

(Mind Blown!!!)

As a teenager, school is my life. School matters. It’s good to get educated and learn how everything works- it’s an adventure! But do you know what matters more? 

God. Family. Friends. Fellowship. 

There will always be homework. There will always be “something” to do, something that begs for your attention.

But family and friends…they aren’t an english paper, a math test, or a report card. They are people. They are precious individuals God has placed in your life.

And a life without fellowship, is a steep road. I know. Walking up that dusty mountain with a backpack full of books for company, is lonely. 

God never destined for us to travel alone. He wants us to spend intentenional time with HIM and others. 

So, set aside your textbook this week for just a little while. Spend time praying and reading God’s word. Go have coffee with a friend. Surprise someone with flowers. Sit in sweet silence with a friend. Share a smile. Watch a sunset. Laugh until your sides hurt. Lift your hands to the sky!!

Life is precious.

Cease your spinning. 


You won’t regret it.


-Amanda Joy




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