Dear Writers

“I’m afraid my heart has been stolen by another.” My fingers squeezed his. I grinned. “He goes by the name of Travis Worth.” I tipped my head to the side. “You know him?”

Travis grabbed my other hand and gave me a gentle smile, “Not in the least.”

 I rose to my tiptoes and whispered in his ear. “Well, I have found him…Mr. Right.”

-Missing Mr. Right

Zion’s eyes hardened, “Things aren’t always as they seem.”

“I thought knights were supposed to be honorable and just. But you’re just a coward!”

-One of the Knights: Part 2 

     Light flooded the room and I marveled. How beautiful. The ceilings were high and murals were painted on the walls. There were scenes of ladies and men dressed in royal robes with crowns upon their heads. There were knights with their swords held high, ready for battle.

      Twenty feet away was a stunning staircase that went up and split into two different directions. Its carving was magnificent. “What is this place?”

-Ten Minutes Before Midnight  

He opened it and pulled out the letter. After looking it over for a few moments, he returned it to the envelope. “So your friend was kidnapped?” he asked.     

“Yes,” I replied.     

“I can’t help you.” He said, starting to close the door.

-By Molly G. and Amanda Joy; Crime Doesn’t Pay

     Stories are so meaningful. They encourage, uplift, touch and bring forth clarity to so many people! And to possess the ability to mold a whole bunch of words into a story, IS special! To create an impactful story, you’ve never lived, is amazing! 

      So, be encouraged dear writer. Wherever you are at, YOU are impacting others and bringing glory to His kingdom.

    Don’t measure your ability by the amount of words you write each day, but the hearts you touch. 

Amanda Joy


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