The Writer’s Judge

“We are our toughest judge.”

It’s true, often times we judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else. Including God. We create such high expectations of ourselves, that all we can do is stumble. We build such towering castles in the sky of what “our lives” should look like, that all we can encounter day by day, is failure. 

I especially want to encourage anyone who is a writer. Attempting to really own and live out the title of being “a writer” can often be very frustrating! 

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you…

You: “Yeah, I’m a writer. I’m hoping to publish a book someday, if God desires.”

Your friend: “Awesome! What are you currently writing about?”

You: “Umm, well. I…uh…just started a story about this guy who…”

I don’t know about you, but I become embarrassed and almost ashamed when explaining what I’m writing about. Doesn’t that sound silly?? I think it’s because I would like to talk about this amazing, suspenseful story, when I don’t feel like my story is at all similar to that image. 

As writers, we degrade our work. We frown at our computer screens when comparing our seemingly terrible writing, to someone else’s amazing writing. Then, we look down upon our characters and deem them unworthy to be penned any longer. We stare at our plot lines, and discard them as mere dust. 

Don’t do this!!! You have no idea what you are throwing away! 

Do you know who gave you that talent and desire to write???


The Maker of everything, gave you that special passion to write!!!! Imagine how insulting it would be, to just drop your writing out the window!!!

Your writing is unique. NO one in the whole entire world, writes exactly like you. And this doesn’t just apply to storytelling. It also applies to blogging and any other writing one accomplishes. So, cherish the gift He has given you!

Furthermore, I want to add this: If everyone threw away their writing, we wouldn’t have any godly books, magazines or articles to read and learn from. How sad!


Also, imagine if all of the writers of the Bible decided their writing wasn’t good enough. Whoa, that would have been beyond scary!!! 

So dear writer, take courage and pen away! He will lead you exactly where He wants you to go!

Spring forest on a foggy morning

I leave you with this…




4 thoughts on “The Writer’s Judge

  1. Wow, Amanda! That really encouraged me! Yeah, I have a terrible time telling people about my stories. I don’t know why it’s just really hard for me! I understand completely about feeling like my work isn’t good enough. This post really encouraged me!! Thanks, Amanda!


    • I’m so glad it encouraged you Laura!! Yes, I have no idea why we have such a hard time…It’s SO weird! We, as writers, will just have to really pray about it. Because that’s not what God has for us and what He desires us to feel like!!


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