Why Fear?

This past Tuesday, I spoke at my youth group. {It was both nerve wrecking and exciting. 🙂 But that’s beside the point!} While I was speaking, I touched briefly on how God is always beside us. He’s with us while we are laughing, rejoicing, visiting, and weeping. He is always here. And that made me start thinking…

Why do we fear? 

Why does fear seem to consume us, when we have a relationship with the God who made everything we see? Why do we fear, when fear itself cowers at our Best Friend’s, Jesus’s, voice?

All I can say is, I don’t know. But as humans, we are forgetful.

In the midst of desperate situations, we tend to forget the All Powerful God beside us. And instead, we go into panic mode, attempting to solve our crumbling situation or feelings by ourselves. We try to pick up the bits and pieces, but our hands can only carry so much. Even once we reach the end of our capacity, we still try to reach for the remaining pieces…but then everything clatters to the ground. 

Our hands can only hold so much.

You and I can’t handle life on our own. We can’t cope with all the heartache, joy, and fear without the Lord. By ourselves, we can’t do anything.

So, I encourage you to let God stand by you and always remember that He is near. Wherever you’re at, He’s got you!

A poem to encourage you!!

When you’re close to me,
how can I feel night’s creeping shadows?
When you hold my hand tightly,
how can I see the evildoers in my path?
When your deep voice cascades over me,
how can I listen to the devil’s whispers?

Lord, how can I fear,
when you are near me?

For your arms are my shield.
Your voice a map in the wilderness!
And your hands, a symbol of what you did for me…

The God of the Universe stands right here-
beside you and me.

So, what joy should fill our souls!
What peace should descend upon us!
What courage should ring from our voices!

For those nail scarred hands,
are always holding ours!

And fear has no room to breathe.

-Amanda Joy



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