Catching A Glimpse

Sometimes, it’s like I’m on the outside, looking in. It’s like I’m touching the glass, but I can never enter the room. 

In a sense, we are all on the outside.

We, God’s children, through the sacrificial blood of Jesus, are peering into the eternity promised us. Everyday, we are catching glimpses through tiny peep holes, of our lives ahead.

Think of a time when you’ve experienced the Holy Spirit in a miraculous way. I want you to imagine this. And yes, go ahead and close your eyes. Let your mind think back to the moment…

Now, having that image in your mind, what was it like? What made it special?

  • The pure awe you felt?
  • The peace of your heart?
  • The feeling of contentment?
  • The new strength pulsing through your veins?
  • That quiet but powerful voice whispering in your ear?
  • The stillness in that engulfed you?
  • The knowledge that set you free? 

The moment when we experience the Holy Spirit in that crazy, wonderful, joyful, majestic way, we are only “catching a glimpse” of our eternity. A glimpse! Can you even fathom that? 

The moment when you had that amazing spiritual awakening, was only a taste of what we will experience in heaven.

It says in the Bible that if we really experienced God’s love, we would be crushed!  

“That’s impossible!”

But is it? Is it really? God walked on water, so why can’t His love be so deep as to the point of crushing His beloved?!?!

So, what was my main point in all of this?

This life is temporary…it’s only a scratch of your existence. And how we experience God now, won’t compare to how we experience Him there (in heaven), where sin and evil doesn’t exist. 

Let this truth resonate in your heart. Let it block out the stress of life, the darkness of this world, the homework, the job, the striving, the worrisome thoughts, and guilt of the past.

Know that there is a place waiting up there for you. Now that one day you will look upon the smile of the Lord and His presence will surround you! 

Know that the here and now, is but a spark compared to the days with our Father.

Farmhouse in Val d'Orcia after sunset, Tuscany, ItalyD'orcia Aft


5 thoughts on “Catching A Glimpse

    • Awe wow, thank you so much for encouraging me, Laura! I’m so thankful for how God can use hardships to impact others lives and encourage them. 🙂 Such a special thing.

      Your blog is so pretty, by the way! I want to follow! Do you have a button or just an email signup? I don’t remember seeing a button…


  1. Thanks!!
    I don’t think it’s a “following button,” it’s an email signup sort of thing. Go to the bottom of the “blog” page and there is a box that says, “join our mailing list.”
    I think I’ll write something about it in the next post this coming Monday to let people know where it is.

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