One Of The Knights: Part 2

Authors Note: Here is Part Two of a short story I’ve been working on! It’s a fun medieval mystery!  If you haven’t read part one, you can find it on my ‘Stories In The Sky’ page. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!
-Amanda Joy

Extra note: More recent than this post, I fixed a few things that were wrong in the story. 😉 April 3rd.

23 years Previously


    “Get moving woman! We don’t have all day!”

      I stumbled across the dirt at Zions rough shove. Wetness streaked down my face, but I didn’t care. My world was turned upside down. Just a day ago I had lost my newborn baby girl, and now I was being taken away from my home.     

    Oh Lord, what is going to happen to me?       

    Zion gave me another shove, and I whipped around to face him.  He was a tall young man with chocolate skin and a firm jaw. His broad chest supported armor and a spear was held tightly in his hands. He had a lot of nerve for a being as young as he was, no more than seventeen, but that’s what had made him a natural born leader. This man was supposed to be the head protector of the royal family, and I had respected him, but not anymore. He was a traitor.

       Hotness rushed over my face. “How could you do this to me? Moab trusted you!” I pressed my lips together. “He treated you like his own brother!” Better than a brother.

      Zion’s eyes hardened, “Things aren’t always as they seem.”

     “I thought knights were supposed to be honorable and just. But you’re just a coward!”

     Zion lifted his hand.

      I turned my face away, anticipating a hard blow, but nothing happened. I looked back at him.

      Zion lowered his hand back down to his side. Something other than hatred flashed in his eyes, perhaps regret?

     “I’d choose your words carefully, ma’am, I’m not known for my patience. Furthermore, you should think of your son.”

     All breath left my lungs. Kingston. I thought he was still at the palace being watched by a nurse…They took him too?! “What have you done to him?”

      A child’s voice filled the air, “Mama mama!”

      My heart seemed to stop in my chest. I turned back around as fast as I could. My baby. He’s in the forest?! “Kingston!” I hollered.

      Zion’s large hand quickly covered my mouth. “That was unwise.”  

     Don’t you tell me what’s unwise!  I squirmed in his grasp, but he was too strong.

     I let my eyes take in the forest. Trees surrounded us from all sides, there bark was as black as night and their leaves, a bright green. Tall brush dotted the ground. But I didn’t see him anywhere.

    The sound of boots hitting the ground caught my attention. A man wearing peasants clothing appeared from an alcove of trees, carrying a small two year old. He held a squirming Kingston in his arms, and a hand covered his mouth.

      NO, NO! I stomped Zions foot and managed to get out of his grasp. “Kingston…” I ran a couple steps but tripped on a rock.

      I hit the ground with a thud and received a facefull of dirt. Ouch. I let out a groan, and turned my head to the right. Kingston!

    Zion snorted, and walked passed me.

     I watched his dusty boots stride across the dirt. My head was spinning. How did I get here? How could my life change so drastically in just a day? What are they going to do with Kingston?

    “I thought I told you to wait for me at the end of the tree line? And why didn’t you cover the kids mouth with some sort of cloth?” asked Zion.

      “I don’t see any cloth on your fugitive.” The stranger answered.

      Zions voice grew louder, “Who’s the captain…”

       Something like the sound of a twig snapped on my left side. What’s that? I ignored the mens’ arguing voices and turned my head the other direction.

       A women peeked out behind a tree and caught my gaze. My brown cloak was tied around her shoulders and it looked as though she was hiding something beneath its folds. She gave me a determined nod and tipped her head towards the men.

      I almost had the urge to laugh. It was Gemma {Jemma}, my closest maidservant from the palace! I gave her the best smile I could manage. She’ll save us.

    Gemma gave me a blue eyed wink and disappeared back behind the trees.

    Everything’s going to be alright, everything’s going to be alright…     

    “Hey, did you already kill her? She hasn’t seemed to have moved at all.”

    I shivered at the strangers words. Hurry Gemma.

    “No, course not. A tiny fall like that wouldn’t kill a person. She’s faking.” The ground quaked under Zions heavy footfalls. “Now I don’t want any games your Majesty, you’ll get up and-”

     A loud PING filled the air.

      A black fry pan clattered to the ground and Zion followed suit.


     All color drained from the other man’s face. His eyes went from the fry pan to unconscious Zion and back again. “What in the world-”

     “I wouldn’t talk if I were you.” Gemma’s voice rang loud and clear.

     “Who’s there?” His voice quivered.

     Perfect, he’s afraid. His back was now to me, and I started to move into a sitting position on the dirt. It was a difficult process, since my hands were bound behind my back. I need to get out of these to see Kingston!

     “Nevermind who I am. You have more important things to worry about.” Gemma walked out of the trees, the hood covering her face. She held a knife in her hands. “Now I’d suggest you back up and stand next to the tree over there.” She motioned with her head to a tree on his left. “And take your disgusting hand off of the boys mouth.”

    The man slowly backed up against the tree and uncovered Kingston’s mouth. Kingston had stopped squirming, and was now staring at Gemma.

      A big smile stretched across his face. “Emaaahhh!”

    “Now put him down…”


Present Time


     I exhaled as we walked across the hard floor. All of this is madness! First I fall off my horse and injure my arm. Then I get hit in the head, realize I’m the local jailbirds son, and THEN the bandit I was chasing and his apparent comrades, are King Robert the thirds knights!?!

       My eyebrows climbed my forehead. Right?

      Or did the bandits somehow drop me off at the palace and now I’m in the knights’ custody? What???

     There were four men surrounding me and my eyes strayed to the one walking ahead of me. But he is the same man from last night, who had come forward and addressed me. He had that same strong posture and confidence about him. Although he was older than I had thought, his hair was streaked with gray. And of course, he wore golden armor today, instead of a black cloak.

     My thoughts started stumbling over each other again. But if they were true thieves why didn’t they just kill me then and there? No one would have noticed, and I’m sure they’re used to hurting people. Also, why would they travel such a long way, and take me to the palace? It doesn’t make sense. Are the Kings Knights secretly bandits or where they just disguising themselves as bandits? Could the knights have employed that bandit to do their dirty work and they were coming to rescue him? But where is the man I’ve been chasing for the past four months?

     None of these men were him.

     My brain felt like a tornado had gone through it. Don’t go crazy, Kingston. You’re a lawman, use your instincts.

     I started paying more attention to my surroundings as they ushered me up a flight of wooden steps and through a doorway, leading into a marble corridor. Our footsteps echoed louder against the sleek floor.

      One of the men bumped my right side and I grimaced. I didn’t think my right arm was broken, but it was at least sprained. I clutched it to my chest with my other hand.

    Our procession stopped in front of two large doors. They were made of sturdy wood.

    Now it was quiet. The man in front of me turned around.

    His dark brown eyes narrowed. “You won’t speak unless you are spoken to in the King’s presence…”

      The sense of hearing his voice before struck me once again. Why do you seem so familiar? Do I know you from somewhere?

    …and I’d be careful of what you say, or you may regret it in the near future.” His hand rested on his sword hilt.

       I nodded my head to show that I heard him. Oh boy, this journey was a mistake.

      He glared at me for a second longer, then turned back around and pushed the large doors open.

     The room was large, embellished with stone columns, and tapestries hanging from the walls.

      I heard the leader suck in a frustrated sounding breath. I peered over his shoulder, as we weren’t moving anymore.

      Sitting on a throne, a few feet away, was a young women. A dark brown braid cascaded down her back, and she wore a long green dress. She glanced at us with an cheeky grin and closed the book in her lap. She leaned her elbow on one of the chair’s arms.

      “Cat got your tongue, Zion?”

      The man in front of me mumbled something under his breath and bowed low to the ground.

    So his name is Zion…

    “Princess Windy, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

To be continued…    

8 thoughts on “One Of The Knights: Part 2

    • Hey, Laura! Sorry for leaving you in suspense, but I want to keep your guys’ attention! Mm Zion…trouble’s the name, haha. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to start writing the next part! Let me know if you had any critiques, questions, or general feedback. 😉 And thanks for following my blog! 😀


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