I love how words look on a page. Letters streamed into a beautiful sequence brightens my day. When I think about writing or even a good book I’m reading, I get excited. Without words I wouldn’t be myself. Life wouldn’t be the same.

      As I get older I’m realizing how God is changing and molding me. And I’m realizing that my story doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. I DON’T HAVE TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

     But sometimes it’s hard to be different. Sometimes I want to be like every other high schooler and take all the required subjects, all at the right time. But that’s not me.

     Next school year, I want increase my piano and flute practice, attempt public speaking, continue writing stories, be in my youth worship band, maybe get published, and keep blogging. In addition to everything else. 

      And you know what?

     This is what God wants for me!

      God wants me to pursue the dreams he’s planted inside me. He wants me to have the free time to write and simply be me. And He wants those things for you too!

     And if people ask, “What are you doing??? That isn’t normal.”

     This is God’s answer; “Life isn’t normal! Everyone’s paths are different! No one is the same. And beloved I’m leading you on a journey that’s all your own. Take my hand and enjoy the ride. I’m going to take you to places beyond your imagination! I’m going to take you on the heights!”



  1. greatly loved; dear to the heart.


  1. a person who is greatly loved.

     We, all of us, the children of God, are His beloved. We are greatly loved. We are dear to the Creators Heart.

     We are His beloved!

     Live out your life, your dreams, your goals, and your pursuits like you are dearly loved!

      Know that your story and legacy are going to be different from everyone else’s! Know that God’s plan for your life is important, no matter what other people say or think. The only person’s opinion we should care about is God’s. He’s the author!!

     So, “Hello, my name is beloved. What’s yours?”

-Amanda Joy

6 thoughts on “Beloved

  1. Great post, Amanda! Jesus is the author, and He is amazing, and anyone who follows Him will NEVER live a boring life if they strongly pursue His will. Keep it up!


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