I love it when winter slowly transforms into spring. I love feeling the sun’s rays, instead of the winds coldness. I like how the flowers peek out beneath their slumbering beds. I like seeing deer come out and eat sprouting plants. I like spring.

Wouldn’t it be weird if one day God decided to skip spring? Thus, the seasons would go summer, fall, winter…huh? Imagine, it would go from freezing to hot and our minds would be screaming, “What? What are you doing to me? Ah!”

I for one wouldn’t like the idea of “losing spring”. I wouldn’t be too happy in fact. And something just ran through my head. Are you ready for it? Sit up in your chair, stretch if you need to, but pay attention. Ready?

If your mind is always set in the future, it’s like you’re skipping and in fact losing spring.

Really, if you’ve always got your head in the future, it’s like you’re skipping spring. Our brains aren’t supposed to actually go through that! When we leave the present behind we’re forcing ourselves to ‘live the future’ when we haven’t actually lived it yet! What? How can we do this to ourselves?

We need that springtime. We need to have a chance to grow and learn before plunging into the ocean of the future. WE NEED THIS.

I for one struggle with thinking about the future and imagining what it’s going to be like.

I know it’s okay to dream, I know. But if you shove your springtime away, and let go of what you can be learning and experiencing now, your hurting yourself and God’s future plans for you life.

So, keep holding onto to the now and keep growing! God will lead you towards the future when the time is right. And no sooner!

Cherish your Springtime.

And hey, I want to know your thoughts on this topic. Please comment below if you have any! 😀




12 thoughts on “Springtime

  1. Love this! So many of us can tend to fall into the habit of “skipping spring”. 😦 Myself included! Thanks for the reminder Amanda! I will slow down and take notice of the wonderful season around me now. 🙂 Beautiful, thank you!


  2. you’re right, and that should go for all the seasons, my family is always like, “I wish it was winter already!” in spring and summer, and, “I with it was summer already!” whenever its winter. So I think that’s a really good thought.


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