A Beautiful Life

My heart is heavy

Sometimes it feels like I’m not even here
But somewhere else

I wish I could soar on the wind

I wish I could have not a care in the world

I wish I could change

I wish, I wish…

Why can’t I have the legs of a deer?
Why can’t I leap over fences and obstacles?

The mountain stands so tall and straight
Why then, do I resemble the water?

The clouds circle overhead and rain down
My tears flow with them, one and the same

I stand my ground at the ocean’s edge
But it pulls me in

The sun shines down
And I can shine with it or become dark as the night

Music dances in my head
Soft lullabies or tumbling masterpieces

My feet are steady and firm
But sometimes all I can manage is my knees

The wind blows away the past
The flowers sing of the future

My heart is joyful

Splashes of color dot the sky
Whispering of their Creator’s knowledge

I can’t help smiling at the brilliance of sunshine 

The mountain peaks
Are amazing to behold

The soft streams
Peaceful to a great extent

Silent moments are one of the most meaningful
Laughter, the most cherished.

I like to lift my hands in surrender
High up to the sky, to My Lord and Savior

Let me hear a joyful noise

Sing to me of God’s greatness.

My heart will pound
To the rhythm of His drum

What a beautiful fate is mine
This fate one calls life

Authors Note: Despite the ups and downs we experience, we are truly blessed to live a BEAUTIFUL life! If you agree, type ‘Amen’ in the comments!









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