A Different Journey


     I walked along the well-worn path. It was wide and straight, it didn’t have a single crevice. I laughed and chatted with lots of people. I accompanied a large crowd, our footfalls steady. I glanced to the right, and was caught off guard.

     A narrow path broke off from the wide one, and I saw few footprints on it. I was drawn to it, and my legs moved in their own direction, towards the road. I let go of the people by me; I heard the air go silent as I stepped onto the narrow passageway. Everything stilled, holding its breath. My eyes trained on a looming gate a few feet ahead. I slowly walked towards it and reached out to clasp it. I froze when I noticed a figure beyond the gate. His back was to me and he was clothed in pure white. He walked steadily with a confident air.

     For a heartbeat I looked back the way I had come. I saw a blur of faces on the other side, and a much wider road. I sucked in a breath, a determined look crossing my face. Putting my feet straight forward, I entered the gate. I pushed it with all my might and it opened. A smile came to my face, and I closed it with a creak.

     The man looked back like He had heard the sudden noise. His brown eyes caught mine, and a soft smile crossed His lips. A silent promise was whispered to me on the breeze. My heart responded with joy. I hurried to his side, avoiding the cliffs on each side.

     Once I came to Him, He offered me one of his nailed scarred hands. I gently took it, conscious that his scars came at my expense. He squeezed my hand with a grin and started walking forward. It was just Him and I on that road. It was narrow and bumpy, but I didn’t care. As long as He was by my side I could do anything. If I could feel His hand gripping mine, nothing mattered.

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