Pondering the STARS

     Lately I’ve been thinking about my impatience. I’m such an impatient person. (My parents can testify to that!)

     I tend to be impatient to grow up. I think to myself…When I become “that age” I will be able to do so much. God, why can’t the future hurry up already? Right there, is the voice of impatience speaking and I know that it is wrong. I know that I should hold onto the present, and cherish the sweet memories being made. The problem is I get so caught up in thinking about what the future holds.

     When I was at a Summer Camp in August my lack of patience really hit me. 

     Picture this…It was nighttime, and I walked with some friends to the meeting area. The stars winked down on us, sparkling with their bright cheerfulness. Well, one of my friends stopped in her tracks, and just stared up at the stars. I made myself stop and look up too. But not for very long. I probably stood there for about three seconds then kept walking with everyone else. All my brain could think was…go, go, go.

     I remember looking back at my friend and these thoughts ran through my head. Why can’t you be like that, standing in awe of God’s creation? Why do I have to be in such a hurry? I admired my friend, quietly looking up at the stars. I wanted to be like that. I wanted to be still.

     Often times I think we have all been like this. We have all been in too much of a hurry or too impatient to stop and look at God’s creation. We are like puppets dancing to the world’s drum, oblivious to the “God moments”.

     Oh, but why are we like this? Why are we always in such a hurry? Why do we crave busyness instead of quiet moments?

     God never meant for life to be full of busyness or “future thinking”. God wants us to focus on the present moment, not the future. The future will come fast enough, and the present will zoom by before you get a chance to catch it. Cherish the present.

     Gods creation is meant to be admired and thought upon, not overlooked. Take time to ponder its beauty, and our magnificent Creator. Let God’s creation fill you up with wonderment and joy. Let it overwhelm you.

     God wants us to slow down to His tempo. The question is, are you willing? Are you willing to stop your future thinking and stay in the present? Are you willing to take a second and breathe in God’s majesty?

     Are you willing to let go of your impatience?


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