Going Out On a Limb With God

The other day I was playing with some kids. It was super fun! We played with toys, colored, and went outside.  Little children are amazing! I love how quick they are to laugh and how their little faces light up! They are so precious.

Anyway, while we were playing outside, I would slide down the slide with the 2-year-old. She didn’t want to go alone, she wanted to go with someone. One of the times I really encouraged her to go down by herself. I was waiting at the bottom to safely catch her, of course.

I watched her face and saw it brighten. She nodded, smiling. But then she stared down at the slide and changed her mind. She frowned at me, shaking her head. (I can only imaging what was going through her head. “You want me to go down the slide, BY MYSELF? Are you crazy?! No way!”)

What am I getting at here? This act remind me of how we respond to God. Sometimes He asks us to go out on a limb with him, promising to catch us if we fall. We smile and say, “Sure God, I can handle it.” Then we look down that steep slope. “Well, God, that looks really steep. I don’t think I can do that. I could fall. I’m not brave enough. You should ask someone else to do the job. I’m not the right person.”

Do you do this? Do you refuse to take the leap because you’re afraid of falling? Do you demand the “safe route”?

Don’t think that I’m not with you here. Trust me I am.

Recently, God has been pushing me out of my comfort zone. He has been taking me out on a limb. And to tell you the truth I have fallen. Some moments have been hard and I say to myself, “Why? Why are you risking this?” The enemy causes me to doubt. But going out on a limb with God brings me joy, laughter, and peace. It makes me realize how much I can do through Him and what I should be doing. It makes me think that God can use me. It makes me stronger.

And you know what? It’s okay if we fall. God will be waiting to catch us with loving arms. When you climb “that mountain” or “that obstacle” God will be right beside you. Whether it’s a hardship or a challenge; God is right there. He doesn’t expect you to face anything by yourself. He promises to be right by your side. Through thick and thin, He is right here!

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