No Checklists Allowed

     So I have been thinking about what it means to be a Christian. As Christians, we often times make a checklist (including me). Here is an example…

  1. Pray (check)
  2. Go to church (check)
  3. Read the Bible (check)
  4. Give generously (check)
  5. Be kind (check)
  6. Tell others about Jesus (check)

     And on it goes…  

    This is a mistake. God doesn’t want a checklist. He doesn’t want to be “that checkmark” in “that box”. He wants to be our King and Friend. He wants us to seek him willingly not out of duty.  God doesn’t expect a checklist from us; he expects out attention. Wouldn’t it be insulting to you if someone made you a check mark on a list?

    Number one: clean the kitchen. Number two: Sweep the floor. Number three: Pay bills. Number four: Talk to Amanda (even though you don’t want to). I think if someone put me on a checklist it would be out of duty rather than because they enjoy my company. You see, God doesn’t want a “God box”. He wants us to come freely to him. He wants us to seek him because we have the desire to be with him.

    If there was ever a “Christian test” I would fail it. Plain and simple. For me, as a believer, I don’t pray enough. I don’t read my Bible enough. I don’t ask for forgiveness enough. I don’t give enough. I don’t…I don’t.  It all goes on. I could keep telling you my faults and shortcomings but I will tell you what God says. He says,“You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to know all the answers. I want you to come as you are, unburdened of expectations, and checklist free.”

    This is hard for me because I have expectations of myself…I have to know all the answers. I have to know the Bible inside and out. I always have to be quick to forgive. I have to be perfect.

     But God doesn’t call us to perfection. He calls us to seek and follow him to the greatest of our abilities. We can determine to pray and read our Bibles without perfection.

     Let’s tear up the checklist, seek less impossible perfection, and pursue God more. Exhale, rest in being imperfect and rejoice that the Creator of the Universe is always by your side. God doesn’t want to be on a checklist. God doesn’t want perfection. GOD WANTS YOU!



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