The Wedding Catastrophe


     “Beeeeeep! Beeeeep!”  Ugh. What time is it? I buried my head beneath the pillow.

     Then I pushed back the warm blankets reaching for my phone on the nightstand. What?  On the screen there were six words staring back at me. Wake up, It’s Your Wedding Day! Wait I’m getting married today!? Oh Ya! I did a little jig across the room.   

    I flung myself across the bed. I am getting married today! I am getting married to Peter, the love of my life! Hmmm…Mrs. Hazel Matthews, I love it! I closed my eyes and sighed.

    “Ring, ring!”

    I glanced at my phone. Peter. I grinned and stared up at the ceiling. “Hello?!” Oh I need to clean the cobwebs off the ceiling. I hope that I don’t run into any spiders.

    “Hey,” his masculine voice answered, “whatcha doing? Do you have anything special planned for today?”

    I heard the smile in his voice. He’s such a tease. “Hmmm…let me think. Well, I have to go to the beauty salon, pick up a tuxedo…and get married today. Nope, nothing special.” I put my hand over my mouth. Hazel you’re mean.

    “Oh. That’s a bummer.”

     Ha! There was silence on the line. Then I burst out laughing and he followed suit.     

  “Please stop,” Peter breathed out, “you’re making my sides hurt! You know it’s hard to make breakfast when you’re laughing!”

    “Okay, okay.” I took a deep breath. “I’m sorry for causing you the discomfort.” That’s funny! I burst out laughing again. Oh I crack myself up! Oh no, I’m turning into Dad!

    “Hazel please! If you laugh then I laugh! You’re going to make me burn my eggs!”

     I gasped for air. “Okay I’ll stop.” He laughs when I laugh? Oh that’s cute. I took another deep breath and exhaled. “I’m done.” I studied the ceiling some more. It needs a fresh coat of paint.   

    “Good because my eggs were almost ruined.”

     I smiled. He’s having eggs hmm…

    “Anyway, so what are you doing?” Peter ask.

   Thinking about you, our wedding, and the cobwebs on my ceiling. But I will not say that part. “Thinking about you and our wedding!”

    “Ohhh I see. Well I’m trying not to think about our wedding, it makes me nervous.”

    Getting married to me makes him nervous? Am I that scary? I sat up in bed running my hand through my tangled hair. Ouch, that’s a tough knot. “Nervous?”

    “Yep. There will be a bunch of people staring at me, that’s not fun.” Peter sighed.

    “Um Peter you know that you’re a pastor, right?” I shook my head as I traced a pattern on my comforter. I need to wash this.

    “Uh yes, of course.”

    “Well then you must also know that pastors get stared at, right?” I chuckled. He’s cute. But how can he be nervous? That’s a little odd, for a pastor especially.      

      “Ya, but that’s different!”

    Sure. “If you say so.” I heard a doorbell in the background. I wonder who’s coming to see Him? Hmm maybe his mother or he’s getting a delivery.  “Who is that?”

    “That would be my mother.” He expressed.     

     “Oh, cool!” His mother must be bringing him over a treat. Probably a cinnamon roll, he loves bread. The noise came again.   

    “Sorry I have to go. I love you Hazel! See you later!  

     “Yep see you later! I love you too!  Bye.” I hung up the phone and sighed. I laid back against my pillow in a dreamy state.

    “Ding dong!”  

    Mom! Rose! I put my phone down and came off the bed. I sprinted towards the front door and flung it open. I was met with hugs.

    “Hazel, I can’t believe that you’re getting married today!” My older sister Rose, clapped her hands.  My Mom joined in.  I giggled and pulled them both inside the house.

      “Aren’t you excited to be getting married? When you’re excited you’re usually dancing around the room!”  asked Rose.  

    “I have already done that, when I woke up this morning I did a little jig around my bed.”              

    “Mom sat down on the sofa and chuckled. “That does sound like you!


      The puppy. “Sorry that’s Spot she needs to eat. Wait here, I’ll be back.” I went to the laundry room. I opened the door, and lo and behold my golden lab puppy was out of her crate and covered in pink splotches. I gasped. “Ahhhhh!” Oh my! What happened! I knelt down on the floor and touched Spot.  

    Rose and Mom appeared in the doorway. We all stared at the pink splotched dog, wagging her tail. This is crazy! I frowned for a second and then Mom started laughing. I guess it’s kinda funny. Rose and I joined her.

    “Ring, ring!”    

    Oh the phone.  I quickly walked back to the bedroom and answered it.  

    “Hello Hazel!  This is cousin Dianna from the Beauty Salon. I was wondering if you were just running late for your appointment?”

  “Oh I am so sorry. I’ll be right over.”    

   “That sounds good. See you then.”

    “Thank you! Bye.” I quickly changed into jeans and a t-shirt. I ran a brush through my hair, grabbed my purse, a sweatshirt and water bottle.  

  “Mom! Rose! Sorry I have to go, I am late for my salon appointment. Please feed Spot, her food is in the cupboard above the washer. And please lock the door before you go. I will meet you guys at the church unless you text me otherwise.” I waited. “Did you guys get all of that?”

    “Yep we heard you. We’ll see you at the church! Love you!” Mom answered.


    Good. I grabbed my things, went out the door and got into my VW Bug.

    I pushed the beauty salon door open and hurried inside. I was met with stares. Do I have something on my face? I wiped my mouth and walked up to Dianna. “Hi, Dianna. I made it.” Thankfully.     

    Dianna gawked at me. She leaned towards me, lowering her voice. “Are you okay? What happened?”

    I pulled a brown piece of hair behind my ear. What is she talking about? “What do you mean, ‘are you okay’?”

    “Your eye,” she grimaced, “does it hurt too bad?”

    My eye? I turned around to one of the mirrors and gasped. “WHAT HAPPENED?”  I went up to the mirror and stared. I am supposed to look beautiful today. Why? I gulped.

   “You mean you don’t know?!” Dianna asked in unbelief.  

    No! I have no idea, it was fine this morning!” I said, very irritated.  

    “Maybe you bumped it in the car.” Dianna put in sympathetically.

    I turned to her and pointed to my eye. “Dianna, what am I going to do? I am not going to postpone my wedding because I have a black eye! And I had so wanted to look beautiful for Peter.” Tears rolled down my face. This is horrible. People stared as I cried.

    Dianna gave me a hug. “I can cover most of it up Hazel,” she put a hand on my shoulder, “It’s going to be okay. Peter wouldn’t care if you wore a potato sack at the wedding.” Dianna smiled and gave my arm a shake. “He is crazy about you, Hazel he loves you!”

    Picturing myself in a potato sack made me smile and cringe. I wiped at my tears and took a deep breath. It’s okay Hazel, you can still get married. Everything will be fine. “Thank you Dianna.” I put on a brave smile. You’re okay, you’re okay.

    I sat down at Diana’s station. “Let’s make you look like Cinderella!”

    I nodded. Okay a pink dog and a black eye, I can live with that. It’s not the worst thing that could happen on my wedding day. It’s not like I can’t get married or anything. I consoled myself. Everything is ok.


        I got into my car, and waved goodbye to Dianna as she left to go help at the church. I admired my reflection in the car mirror. I look good! My hair flowed down my back in cascading curls with little jewels peeking out. My makeup looked nice but my black eye ruined some of the effect. I felt sad but I shook my head and forced myself to stay positive. Okay so what do I need to do now? Go to the church, put on my dress…Oh no I actually need to pick up Peter’s tux. He will look sooo handsome! I pulled out of the parking lot.

    Ten minutes later, I pulled into Friar Tux Shop. I walked in the door, went to the front desk and rang the bell. I glanced around the room.  The decor was simple and masculine.  I heard a  shuffling  sound, my eyes went to black curtains where an older gentleman appeared.

    “Hello Miss, what can I do for you?” He arched an eyebrow.

    It’s my eye. I touched my face.  “Um I am picking up a tux.”

    “What’s the name?” He walked over to a rack full of hanging garment bags.

     “Peter Matthews.”

     “Here it is.” He pulled the nice black tux off the rack and handed it to me.

     I held the bag in front of me and saw the crisp black tux looking back at me. It looks right.  I smiled. “Thank you very much.”

      “You’re welcome, have a nice day!” The older gentleman waved at me.

       “You too!” I went out the door and rushed to my car, laying the tux over a seat. I started to back up, but gestured for a person with a little brown dog to go first. Oh what a cute dog. It barked as I pulled out of the parking lot. Okay, the next destination is the church!

    I pulled onto Main Street and stopped at a red traffic light. I glanced at the tux and did a double take. It was orange. WHY IS THE TUX ORANGE! IT WAS BLACK BEFORE! I blinked a couple of times but nothing changed. I think I might be sick.


    Oh. The light was green. I proceeded ahead then turned into the church parking lot which already had a lot of cars in it.  I put my head against the steering wheel and started sobbing out loud. I felt confused, mad, sad, irritated, frustrated and very emotional. I looked up at the beautiful church with red eyes and cringed. This is not how a wedding day is supposed to be.    


    I pulled my phone out, it was Rose. Hazel where are you? We’re at the church and you have to start getting ready. I typed back. I’ll be right there. I am in the parking lot. I am going to need a giant hug and some chocolate.

      I grabbed the orange tux and started to walk to the church door. The trees did a little dance in the wind and their autumn leaves spread like a colorful blanket on the ground. I loved autumn but it didn’t lift my spirits as I pushed the church doors open.  I was met with activity as people walked around getting ready for the ceremony.

    Rose dashed over to me. “Oh good, you’re here! You need to go and get…Ah! What happened?” She looked at me then back to the tux.

    “Please don’t ask,” I moaned. I gave her a tight hug and clung to her. I tried to hold the tears at bay. She squeezed me back, silently stroking my hair.

    Rose pulled away. “You don’t have to explain the details, it’s ok. You just go and get ready, we will take care of the rest. I know that weddings are stressful, trust me, I have been through one.” She grinned. “I will see what I can do about the tux. Just go relax and eat some chocolate, it will be good for you.” Rose winked and handed me a chocolate bar.

    Thank you for giving me such a great sister Lord. “Thank you Rose.” I croaked. She nodded, squeezed my shoulder and walked away on a mission. I sighed and opened the chocolate bar. I nodded to myself as I went through a doorway, and down the hall to the bathroom. This tastes pretty good.          

   “Hazel! You’re here!”  Mom was seated in a cream chair, against one of the bathroom walls. She looked very pretty in her purple dress and elegant shoes. She put down whatever she had been sewing and frowned. “What…”

    I held up a hand, with pleading eyes. “I really have no idea. I have already cried like three times today and thinking about it makes me want to cry again. Do you mind helping me get ready?” Please.        
   “Of course not, honey.” She answered, confused. She pulled my wedding dress off its hanger and unzipped the back. She admired it.


    I jumped. I turned my attention to the wall and there sat Spot in her crate. She’s still pink. “Mom you brought the dog?” I didn’t really want to be reminded of that. I might need some more chocolate.

    “She looked so pitiful in that crate, I didn’t want to leave her alone all by herself.” She shrugged.

    I put on a smile. “I guess it won’t hurt anything.” Mom handed me my wedding dress and I admired it. It was ballgown style with pearls and crystals on the bodice. I looked at myself in the mirror after my dress was on, awestruck. “This dress,” I whispered, “is truly breathtaking.”            

    Mom wiped tears from her face. “It’s not just the dress dear. You look very beautiful.” She squeezed my arm. “You look like your Grandma Helen, bless her heart. Your light brown hair and your smile are hers.”  

   There was a loud knock. “Come in.” I called.

   Dianna walked in looking troubled. “We have a problem.”

   Uh oh. “What kind of problem?” I rubbed my head warily.

   Dianna brushed a hand nervously through her hair. She opened up the door and in walked dozens of baby chicks, herded by Rose.

    Mom gasped. I froze. No! This cannot be happening ON MY WEDDING DAY!

   “The flower delivery arrived five minutes ago but somehow your roses turned into these!” Dianna gestured around the room.

    No! “First the dog, my eye, then the tux and now this!” I stared at the baby chicks. “I can’t handle it, I just can’t!” Tears fell down my face. I retreated to one of the bathroom stalls, slamming the door behind me. I sobbed. I am going to mess up my makeup but who cares right? My wedding is ruined anyway! There was a slight knock on the bathroom stall. “What?” I said wiping my nose.

     “Hazel,” Mom said gently, “the wedding is not ruined if that’s what you are thinking. It’s okay that you don’t have flowers. It’s not the end of the world sweety, you can still marry Peter. Nobody will care if you don’t have flowers, everyone is coming to celebrate you two, not to critique every little detail.”

    You’re right. I sighed, opened the stall, and went into Mom’s arms. “I just wanted everything to be perfect, the fairytale wedding.” I whispered.

    Mom rubbed my back. “I know, but real life is not a fairytale dear and we are having this wedding no matter what.” She winked.

     I laughed through my tears and nodded. “Thank you Mom.”  


         Dad looked great in his new gray suite, he leaned over to whisper in my ear. “Are you nervous?”

     Yes. “Nervous, happy, excited and joyful!  It feels like a dream.”  


    Dad jumped. “Uh what was that?”

    “That, was the puppy. Mom decided to bring her.”

    “Oh I see.” Dad grinned.  He knew my Mom loved that puppy. Dad’s attention strayed to my hair. “You are just glowing!” A puzzled look came over his face. “Was your hair like that earlier?”

     Oh no. My hand went to my hair. “Like what?” Did I get something in it?  I stared at Dad, waiting for an answer.       

    Dad struggled for words.“Well has sparkles in it.  A lot of sparkles all over.”  He shrugged his broad shoulders.

    I frowned.  “It does?!” I hoped that he was wrong. I released his arm. “I’ll be right back.” I rushed into the bathroom and went up to a mirror. Dad was right, sparkles everywhere.  THAT’S JUST GREAT!  I massaged my forehead. I felt beyond angry, and I was too riled up to cry.      Why does something seem to happen whenever the dog is around? Oh. Something clicked in my brain. Wait, the dog! Every time a dog has barked something unusual has happened! Yeah because when I left the house for the beauty salon the puppy had barked and then I got a black eye. The anger drained away as I contemplated this discovery.  

     “Hazel,” Dad called, “the music is starting.”

    “I’m coming!” Okay I can’t do anything about this. I am not going to cry or anything. Maybe people will think it’s stylish. Not. I glanced at Spot in her cage and pointed a finger at her. “No barking.” I raised my eyebrows in warning. Like she will listen.

    I exhaled then hurried back to Dad and took his arm. I smiled up at him, willing myself not to break down. Your hair looks fine at least it didn’t turn orange.   

    He smiled back and squeezed my hand. “You look beautiful Hazel. The glitter makes you look like an angel.”

    Him saying that took away any of my remaining fears. My smile grew larger and I hugged his arm for a second. The doors opened and we slowly walked in. Peter stood in the front wearing his bright orange tux. He still looks really cute. I met Peter”s dark brown eyes and he grinned at me. It seemed like we were the only two people in the room. This feels soooo right…

    My eyes opened to morning sunlight streaming through my bedroom curtains. What? I sat up in bed and glanced at the clock. 8:07am, huh? I wrinkled my nose and rubbed my eyes as I stared at my messy bedroom. Why am I in my bedroom? I was just at my wedding. Family and friends were there, and everything had been going wrong. The flowers had turned into baby chicks, Peter”s tux was orange, I had a black eye and sparkly hair, Spot was practically pink…Oh wait, the puppy! I turned my attention to Spot at the bottom of my bed, sleeping peacefully. I noted her golden fur. “Yes,” I cheered,that was just a dream!” Spot lifted up her head and agreed.


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